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Delivering comprehensive support and maintenance plans to tackle anticipated and unforeseen software issues. We prioritize application stability, optimize services, and implement improvements, including bug fixing, technical support, software upgrades, annual updates, and patches for enhanced functionality and various other services.


Maintenance & Support Services

Ensuring the continual operation of your business software is crucial for stability and increased profits. Obtain essential website maintenance, application maintenance, and network maintenance services for sustained success.

Ongoing Maintenance
Ongoing maintenance includes troubleshooting, bug fixes, backups, stability monitoring, and 24-hour availability.
System Enhancements
Application and system enhancements/modifications and upgrades, as well as new functionality integration.
Reengineering Solution
Revamping customized software solutions to align with evolving environmental and business requirements.
Technical Support
Technical Support includes troubleshooting, understanding gaps, and Training with 24-hour availability.
Complaint Managememt
End-users of the product/solution (via online chats and ticket systems), with a 24-hour option available.
Dedicated Support Team
For any type of project, hire a dedicated support team. Our dedicated team will provide end to end services.
Managed IT Support Services
Computer maintenance, asset inventory, telephone service, remote and face-to-face, network monitoring and hardware installation.
Backup Solutions
Backup is essential for any business. Ensuring the ability to quickly recover your data and systems from failure is the goal of our on-premises or cloud backup solutions.
Cloud Services
With the cloud, everything works better. Our expert IT support and services team can help you find a cloud solution that works best for your business.

Software Maintenance Process


Requirement Gathering




Maintenance & Support Proposal


Infrastructure Stability Evaluation




Release & Documentation

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Ongoing maintenance ensures your website's performance, security, and functionality, addressing any issues promptly to provide a seamless user experience.

Our maintenance plans cover troubleshooting, bug fixes, regular backups, stability monitoring, software upgrades, and 24/7 availability for comprehensive support.

You can choose the frequency of updates based on your needs. We offer flexibility to keep your website current, ensuring it aligns with the latest standards and security measures.

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